So yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. I know what you are thinking ‘oh how lovely, I wonder what Nadia and Sy bought each other, something bronze or made of salt I bet!’ Well actually we didn’t buy each other anything, why, because we both forgot about it!  Well I didn’t actually forget, I knew it was on the 26th November and I knew we are in November but I didn’t realise it was 26th November until I was choosing a delivery slot for my Tesco order and looked at the date. I turned to Sy who was sat working next to me and said “Oh, Happy Anniversary!” This was at  9pm!

Sy was gutted, he thought it was bad form that we both forgot our anniversary but I didn’t. I asked Sy why he was gutted and his reply was exactly what I thought it would be. ‘You see all these couples on social media in quaint county cottages or spas or fancy restaurants spending quality time together with a glass of prosecco in their hands toasting another year of  marriage’.  I get it, before we got married that is how I envisioned all of our anniversaries too, a romantic night away without children and quality time together. Don’t get me wrong, if Sy had remembered our anniversary and had planned something like this, as long as Rayne and Rose were happy to sleep at Nanny’s or Uncle’s house, I would be there without hesitation. However, I am not totally devastated and ready to file for a divorce or give Sy the silent treatment because he didn’t remember nor do I feel guilty for not remembering, does it mean I love him less than I should? NO, it doesn’t!

Last night when I said “Oh Happy Anniversary” to Sy, Rayne was in ear shot and was excited that it was our anniversary. I told her that 8 years ago at this precise time we were probably on the dance floor dancing at our wedding and I was probably dreaming about what our first born child would look like. To be honest, without meaning to sound soppy or pretentious, I have everything I want and I do not need a remembered anniversary to know how much my husband loves me. Also, if I feel like I need a spa day or a night away to spend quality time together to connect without children present, why do I have to wait until my anniversary?


So you will not find any photos of Sy and I on my social media this week celebrating our anniversary as we celebrated with a big family pile on, on our big family bed at 9.30pm last night!


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