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Real life stuff

A forgotten Anniversary

So yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. I know what you are thinking ‘oh how lovely, I wonder what Nadia and Sy bought each other, something bronze or made of salt I bet!’ Well actually we didn’t buy each other anything, why, because we both forgot about it!  Well I didn’t actually forget, I knew …

Real life stuff

A story about Miscarriage

Before I embark on my story I would like to make a disclaimer that there may be some upsetting and graphic content so please take care of yourself while reading. It is not my intention to upset anyone, I just want to share my story here, in my tiny part of the internet, as it …

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Just Doing Us

The back story behind the name I was making dinner one day full of worries and uncertainties about a massive decision we were trying to make. The decision would change our lives and go against the mainstream. I had already talked at length about it with friends and family and most of them were unsure, …

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