Over the past 6 years, when I was working, Rayne was in school and Rose in nursery, I picked up Halloween costumes from the local supermarket and just quickly added some face paint. We would always turn up at a party and at least 3 children would have the same costume on. So this year I felt I had more time to spend on Halloween so I asked the girls what they wanted to dress up as. They both decided to be characters from the film Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. Rayne wanted to be Eliza and Rose wanted to be Zoey in a cheerleader outfit!

set to work straight away looking at photos of Eliza and Zoe to see what I needed. I then flicked through their wardrobes and found clothes that I could use to transform into their costumes. I looked through our craft box and found some felt and other material to use and checked we had some white face paint left. All I needed to buy to make these two costumes was green hairspray which cost £3.99!

What I love the most is that they can also wear these outfits to fancy dress birthday parties, not just for Halloween!

Here’s what I did:

1. Add detail to the skirts by making little badges

I used pink felt and an old baby vest for Zoe’s badge and added the ‘S’ using black pen.

I used green material for Eliza’s badge and a black pen to add the writing

2. Customised the tshirt (Zoe) and jacket (Eliza)

I used green felt to make a Z for zombie and sewed them on. I hand sewed the tshirt and used the machine for the jacket

3. Made Z bands

I used old watches they already had and coloured them black with a green Z in the middle using sharpie pens

4. Elizer’s red t shirt – I used an old school polo shirt and cut off the colla and sleeves. I cut a slit up the middle so that it could be tied

5. Eliza’s tights – I used an old pair of black school tights and cut holes in them

My little Z-O-M-B-I-E-S love their Halloween costumes!

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I am a mum of 2 daughters. I recently gave up my 9-5 job of 14 years to home school my children. My dream is for my family to become world schoolers, travelling around the world and learning as we go! I love blogging about our life, sharing our wins and fails. I hope some of the things I blog about inspire you along the way