This super easy sunscreen is made of 4 natural ingredients – no chemicals needed!

I am a huge lover of coconut oil so I was overjoyed to learn coconut oil has natural SPF of 4-5 and contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun. I started using coconut oil as a sunscreen about 3 years ago and it has not failed me. I have skin that burns easily and I used to suffer from heat rash from the chemicals in shop bought sunscreens blocking my pours. Since using coconut oil my skin has not burnt in the sun and I have not suffered from heat rash at all.

When we booked to go to Costa Rica earlier this year I decided to look into other ingredients that have SPF in case coconut oil wasn’t strong enough on its own. I added all of the ingredients listed below to my coconut oil and used it throughout our 5 week trip in the middle of the summer and I did not burn once. Obviously, the best and safest way to protect yourself from the sun is to stay out of it, especially between 11 am and 4 pm, when UV rays are strongest and to also cover up when in the sun. Sometimes it is unavoidable to be in the sun and my natural sunscreen worked perfectly, leaving my skin glowing and healthy.  It is difficult to know how much protection the sunscreen is actually providing. I went slightly overboard on the zinc oxide during the first week and it left a white layer on my skin – a bit like a thick factor 50 would do but without the thickness. This didn’t bother me. My children have skin that doesn’t burn but I still used the same sunscreen on their skin too for some added protection.


I add the following ingredients to my coconut oil sunscreen:

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is powdered, oxidized zinc derived from the naturally occurring mineral, zincite, and routinely used in a wide range of consumer products. It physically works to provide 28 times the skins natural protections against harmful UVA & UVB rays. Zinc Oxide is also a natural anti-inflammatory with mild antibacterial properties. When I started to use it as part of my sunscreen I also noticed the infection in my big toes nail healing after many years of being infected!

Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberry Seed Oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it can hydrate and soothe problematic skin and has an SPF of roughly 25.

Carrot Seed Oil

It was believed that Carrot Seed Oil had a natural SPF factor however recent studies show that it does not protect against UVA and UVB rays. Apparently the confusion is related to Carrot seed oil typically being used in sunscreen products for it’s moisturising benefits (also rich in antioxidants), not for its ability to protect against UVA and UVB rays.


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  • 1 Cup of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of Zinc Oxide
  • 20 drops of Raspberry Seed Oil
  • 10 drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil


  • Put the coconut oil in an airtight container
  • Add the Zinc Oxide and mix well
  • Add the Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil and mix well again
  • Store in the refrigerator. The coconut oil will melt in the heat. Ensure you mix the ingredients well before each use.

This recipe is intended for educational purposes only. Please test out the recipe and change the quantities to suit the needs of your skin type.

I would love to hear how you found the recipe or if you have a sunscreen recipe of your own.

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