In the first of this two part series I provided Top 10 Tips on How to Save Money in order to give up your 9-5 job and home school.

We didn’t think about home schooling as we both had 9-5 jobs but when our daughter Amna became a school refuser at the age of 5, suffering from anxiety, I listened to my instincts and realised that the education system was not working for her. I needed to come up with a plan fast in order to give up my job and stay at home to home school. In order to convince my husband it was doable I save up 3 months worth of my wages without him knowing! As well as saving money, I also needed to think of ways to make some money which isn’t easy when you have 2 young children demanding all of your attention.

I thought of all the ways we could make money and came up with some actions. I utilised our home and my skills and almost 2 years later we are surviving off 1 wage! The following money making ideas have worked for us….

Money Making idea # 1

Become an airbnb host

When renting a room in your home you can currently earn up to £7500 tax free in UK before declaring it under the rent a room scheme.

Turn your study into a guest room and rent it out. If you do not have a study you could think about asking 2 children if they would be willing to share the same bedroom for a while to make an extra room. Alternatively, you could even put your whole house on airbnb while you are on holiday or visiting family for the weekend, it could pay for your trip! We were a bit sceptical about this initially but it has worked out really well. All of our guests have been really respectful and it is interesting meeting different people.   

If you are unsure about letting strangers into your home start off by letting friends and family know you have a room free. My cousin stayed with us for for a few months before getting her own place.

Money Making idea # 2

Become a project manager

Offer to project manage jobs for family members who do not have the time or experience of finding tradespeople/builders and decorators etc.

This happened by accident when my mother in law told me she wanted to redecorate her house but didn’t know where to start! I offered to help her out by project managing for a small fee. She thought it was a great idea and put me to work straight away!!  Rayne, Rose and I had great fun creating mood boards and colour schemes and my mother in law was thrilled with the results.  She is even going to recommend me to her friends so watch this space!!

Money Making idea # 3

Declutter and sell unneeded furniture and belongings

From furniture to books, handbags to perfume, over the last year I have decluttered every corner of the house and sold things via car boot sales or local selling websites.  If you keep this money separate you will soon see it add up. You can even turn it into a fund such as “treat night” or “children’s birthday party fund”.

Money Making idea # 4

Add affiliate links to blog posts!!

I have recently joined an affiliate programme with Amazon. Some of the links on this post are affiliate links and any money earned will go towards buying more of the products we buy from Amazon, which means we are making money and saving money at the same time! 

Money Making idea # 5

Don’t be afraid to try new things and take risks!!

My last money making tip is to follow your dream! If you have something that you have always wanted to try but never had the time or you don’t think you are skilled enough; just give it a go.  It may be a slow process with young children home full time but make it your goal to try it, even if it takes a year! You never know what might come out of it! We started our own video marketing and social media management business, Soyinka Media and are now making money while being home with with the children

If you would love to home educate but do not know where to start, I recommend checking out Lights On Families. They gave us the confidence we needed to take the leap

Please feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear your money making tips when home schooling, or in general. 

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I am a mum of 2 daughters. I recently gave up my 9-5 job of 14 years to home school my children. My dream is for my family to become world schoolers, travelling around the world and learning as we go! I love blogging about our life, sharing our wins and fails. I hope some of the things I blog about inspire you along the way