The back story behind the name

I was making dinner one day full of worries and uncertainties about a massive decision we were trying to make. The decision would change our lives and go against the mainstream. I had already talked at length about it with friends and family and most of them were unsure, wondering how we would manage, how our children would learn. The decision was home school.  The song  ‘Just do you’ by India Arie started to play on a playlist Alexa had chosen for me while cooking. I had never heard the song before so I played it again to really listen to the lyrics. It may sound a bit corny but that song helped me to make my decision.

I remember saying out loud “Just do us!”

I felt ready to step off the treadmill, stop conforming and start truly listening to the needs of my family, including my own needs! We made the decision to home school and 3 months later I left my job of 14 years. I knew straight away that I wanted to share our story and journey with others and would do so by writing a blog. 

It was inevitable that I would call my blog “Just doing us”.  Join me as I share the life we are making for our family.

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I am a mum of 2 daughters. I recently gave up my 9-5 job of 14 years to home school my children. My dream is for my family to become world schoolers, travelling around the world and learning as we go! I love blogging about our life, sharing our wins and fails. I hope some of the things I blog about inspire you along the way